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BEAUTY BAG ESSENTIALS: A Q&A with celebrity makeup artist ASHUNTA SHERIFF

A woman’s makeup bag is an arsenal, filed with ammunition to equip her for a fierce and fabulous day. We caught up with celebrity make-up artist @AshuntaSherriff who talked to us about the beauty products a woman should never leave home without!

BGB: What are the key products every woman should have in her makeup bag?

ASHUNTA: Every woman should have mascara, primer, concealer, cream blush, neutral lip gloss, a bold lip color like hot pink, fire engine red, and a black eye liner that’s water proof.

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We want to know how you define black girl beauty!  Whether it is a fierce picture of Naomi Campbell working the runway or your fabulous mother after a hard days work, we want to see it!  Share with us images that define what black girl beauty means to YOU, and you could win worth of $300 in beauty products.  Here’s how the contest works:

Follow us @BlkGirlBeauty (note: there is no letter “a” in the word “black” in our Twitter name) and "like" us on Facebook!

Tweet us photos that reflect your definition of “black girl beauty.”  Be sure to include the hashtag #BlackGirlBeauty so we can follow your submissions.

We’ll retweet many of the images and post some to our Facebook page. 

On Friday, September 28th we’ll pick three lucky winners who’ll receive $300 worth of beauty products!

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STYLE STAPLES: The Demin Shirt

What’s worse than going into a closet filled with “stuff,” but having absolutely NOTHING to wear?  Yes, we hate that too!  It really can have a domino effect.  It throws off your day, makes you late to an appointment, leaves your room a hot mess with clothes that didn’t make the cut tossed to the side, and most importantly, leaves you flustered and feeling off kilter. And we believe that part of being beautiful is being calm, confident, and clothed in something that reflects who you are. 

So when we wanted to know the style staples that every woman should have in her closet to keep her looking and feeling good, we went fashion stylist Rebecca Briscoe for the inside scoop.

Rebecca gave us a list of items we can’t wait to share with you!  We’ll be sharing one of her picks every Friday, so stayed tuned.  But the first item that she says is a must have is the DENIM SHIRT and we couldn’t agree more.  Rebecca told us that “they are my favorite pieces because, like jeans, they can be dressed up or down and still look incredibly stylish.  J. Crew, Top Shop and Zara all make nice denim shirts at an affordable prices.”

See below for some of our favorite denim darlings!!

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Just because summer is coming to a close, bikini waxing is one beauty ritual we hope you wont abandon.  While we totally agree that the process of waxing isn’t the most exciting or relaxing part of your beauty regimen, it’s something that should never be neglected — no matter what the season.

Here is a list of some of our favorite waxing tips to keep your bikini area groomed, glam, and gorgeous…just like the rest of you.

1. WAXING JUST GOT MORE PERSONAL - Even if you are getting the most basic bikini wax, be sure to ask your waxer to remove the hair from “back there.”  There is no gentle way to say this ladies, but the hair in your behind requires a bit of tidying also.  The fact is hair can carry odor, and removing it from this area promotes great hygiene.  Trust us ladies!  You’ll feel so fresh, clean, and wonder why you waited so long to do it!

And if you’re in LA, stop by PINK CHEEKS in the valley for their “In The Butt” wax (they’re name for it, not ours).  It’s where all the Playmates go, and where you should too!  You can thank us later.

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